Air Transport

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Air Transport
While Hungarian passenger transport business decreased by about 7% overall during the period from 1990 to 1997, Hungarian air transport output (in terms of passenger-km) increased by 78%. (In the same period the increase of air transport performance amounted to 49% in the EU, 28% in the USA.) Growth in passenger traffic at Budapest Ferihegy International Airport reached 56%, while freight traffic increased by 37% from 1990 to 1998. Traffic flow in the Hungarian airspace and the number of aviation operations increased by 220%. The air transport market is growing steadily in terms of dimension and its proportion within the distribution of transportation modes.
In respect of airports, Hungary’s geographic advantages and possibilities can be exploited first of all by developing Ferihegy Airport’s collecting and distributing character. As part of basic infrastructure, it is reasonable to develop Ferihegy International Airport Budapest in the medium term as a State-owned enterprise, however, a BOT* form of operation under concession may be justified if it is to be developed in corporation in the long term – following several years of EU membership. In both situations, close attention should be paid to protect LRI and government interests regarding the benefits taken from Terminal 2B.
BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer – (i.e., to public institutions; the propriety right is that of the State)
The development of Ferihegy Airport may expand the possibilities of other airports, as well, and the possible future development of regional airports may in turn contribute to increased traffic at Ferihegy Airport. It is an interest of economic policy, country development, and transport policy that the two key regional airports - which could possibly be developed at the lowest cost - namely Debrecen and Sármellék can be connected with the European air transport network at the earliest possible time, in compliance with the airport density concept adopted by the European Union (airports about 200 km from each other).



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