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Hungary is one of the ten Central European candidates for membership in the European Union. Recognizing the objective that a successful integration of the candidates into the EU will largely depend on the development and modernization of the transport network, and Hungary is mobilizing ISPA for Hungarian transport projects according to ISPA, as the main EU pre-accession instrument for the development and modernization of the transport network. Due to the geographic location of Hungary, its transit position is confirmed by three Helsinki corridors and three additional connected corridor branches. Hungary’s medium-term infrastructural development plans focus on the elements of the Transport Infrastructure Needs Assessment (TINA) network. For railways, the upgrade of the trunk network, while for national roads the implementation of the expressway development plan is the priority. It is also important to strengthen the existing network of national roads in respect of Community standards from the perspective of EU accession. For the inland navigation sector, the main objectives are the improvement of navigation conditions on the Danube section upstream of Budapest, and the development of a suitable port network. Regarding civil aviation, top priority is given to the further development of the Ferihegy International Airport Budapest, though the improvement of regional airports providing direct access to European hubs should be started at the same time. Multi-mode services are planned to continue their development using a network of ten logistic centers.
Recently published by the Commission, the Regular Report on Hungary 2000 gives a positive assessment of Hungary’s progress over the past 12 months and also reflects on the overall level of preparedness. With reference to the transport sector, Hungary has approved the final report on (TINA) in October 1999, which should form the basis for extending the Trans European Networks to Hungary. In November 2000, the Commission approved 3 rail improvement projects, and rehabilitation projects were allocated EUR 44 million this year. Regarding the Government’s Széchenyi Plan for economic development which follows the motorway construction program, Hungary is in high hopes of speeding up this motorway construction program. Giving priority to the improvement of existing roads is also necessary within the framework of ISPA.
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