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Our culture can evolve if we can convey as much of our memories, common knowledge, and identity as possible to the people; all this in such a way that we encourage the need for further thinking.

Sándor Biszak, CEO

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ARCANUM DIGITHECA, the most important digitized sources of our history
ADT is Hungary's largest and continuously expanding digital periodical database, which contains domestic scientific and specialized journals, encyclopaedias, weekly and daily newspapers. Search millions of pages and browse the entire table of contents for free. Subscribers can see whole documents.
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At the dawn of the Hungarian multimedia CD-ROM publishing, we released our best seller titles “The Bible” and “Verstár” (“Poem Collection”) in 1997. Later, we published more than 300 more titles covering all aspects of the Hungarian culture: encyclopedias, bibliographies, family stories, historical monographs. More than 20 years later, we share our most valuable publications for free.
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Meet the inaccessible treasures
The purpose of the Hungaricana project is to share cultural treasures and historical documents that have never been accessible before. We deliver Hungary’s national collections of the common past in a spectacular, quick and transparent way for everyone. Use this ever-expanding database of virtual collections for deeper exploratory research or to expand your knowledge.
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Historical maps with 3D visualization
We proudly present the historical maps and large map series of the Habsburg Empire and its successor states in an innovative way. Mapire enables us to navigate historical maps using modern in-browser technologies including 3D visualization. The ever-expanding collection features large military surveys, even cadastral and city maps. This site makes more and more content available to the world in an intuitive interface, providing opportunity for international collaboration.
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30 years' experience in the field of digitization technology
more than 300 terabytes of data stored on our own servers
30.000 satisfied subscribers worldwide
3 million new visitors every year
30 million pages of online documents

Project planning, digitization, database building, publishing and content operation all in one hand.


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