Subscription Plans and Prices

Subscription for Individuals


Period Price Extending a subscription
24 hours 8 EUR -
1 month 20 EUR 20 EUR
6 months 70 EUR 40 EUR  
12 months 100 EUR  60 EUR 
Prices include VAT

Why Subscribe?

Some basic features of ADT are open to everyone, but you need to register or become a subscriber to enjoy the full functionality of ADT. In the table below, we summarize what you can access as a guest, a member, or a subscriber.

Guest Member Subscriber
Full-text search
Saved searches; Notification about new hits
Custom bookmarks
Browsing the table of contents
Access full content
Download content
Face search
Sign up SubscribeTerms and conditions

How to Become a Subscriber?

  1. If you haven’t yet done so, please create an ADT account. You can use your Facebook, Google, or eduID account to log in right away. If you sign up with your email, we’ll send you an activation email.
  2. After signing in, select Subscription from the dropdown menu below your account name.
    Select a subscription plan.
  3. Use your credit card to complete your payment via our provider Braintree. We’ll send the e-invoice after successful payment.
  4. Enjoy all the ADT services right after payment.
  5. On the My account page, you can see your invoices, the status of your subscription, and you can also extend your subscription for a discounted price.

A credit card is not an option for you? Please contact us for alternative payment methods.

Subscription for institutions

Institutions (libraries, associations, companies, foundations, etc.) can only subscribe by a quote and for a calendar year. We provide IP-range authentication, so all computers can access ADT without restrictions. Citizens of universities with eduID can use ADT via remote access.

If you’d like to subscribe to ADT as an institution, please contact us.